Saturday, March 9, 2013

Second Story in Progress

We were liberal with the use of windows in the southern and western sides of our design. The ecliptic throughout the year always seemed to pour light onto these sides of the house. Sunsets through the pine windbreak out over the west farm fields should be visible most times of the year. The two western windows should pour a nice array of yellow, orange, and pink light across the living area into the kitchen.

It was rumored that there was a passageway from the store room in the old part of the house that would get you into the attic of the old kitchen. Here we can see that passage covered on the inside by a sheet of hardboard. It seems that almost all of the plaster walls upstairs were covered in hardboard for some reason. The bathroom on the main floor also has walls of this HDF material.

Below is a picture of the old bathroom from the outside as the siding is being removed. Maybe there was a window here at one point?

The second story extension is going up. This first part is simply an extension of the existing roof line. The right hand section will need to be hipped into the existing ridge.

The crew is setting the raising posts to position the second peak. If you look at the middle lower part of the photo below you can see the rig they used to get the OSB to the second story.

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