Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Gutter Drain Project I

We were a little tired of having mud rivers in our backyard each time we got a down pour. So we decided to pipe the gutters underground to a dry well system. Below is the basic plan we used to figure our materials list. The pipe run extends about 100 feet from the house.

The grade in the backyard was more than sufficient to keep the pipe angle in the ditch on track without having to dig deeper as the pipe made the long run out to the dry well. We opted to solvent weld schedule 40 pvc for the system for it's strength. Should heavy equipment ever need to venture into the backyard we wanted to minimize any impact it could have on the system.

Starting on the west end of the porch we buried pipe for a downspout on the side of the house and two that are connected to the porch pillars.

From there the pipe wrapped around the stairs to meet up with the main trunk.

Lines from the east side of the porch were also tied into the main line. Portions were glued up and buried as we progressed. Many of the pipes protruding upwards in the pictures are there just to keep dirt from getting into the system while digging.

From there the run continued down the slope and away from the house. Our depth was kept a bit more than 24" below the surface.

Once we got close to the brush we made a 22.5 degree turn toward the planned dry well location.

Aiden was a bit curious about the pits developing in the yard.

On occasion Buster has chased chipmunks into some gutters we have lying behind our garage. His chipmunk chasing has resulted in him assuming there is always something hiding in any type of pipe. After hearing a shovel full of dirt hit the pipe as it was buried he frantically wanted to get at the imaginary critter. He kept barking into the pipe and clawing at the open end.

Aiden decided he also wanted to take a turn barking into the tube. 

Washed stone has arrived for phase 2.... digging and installing the dry well.