Thursday, October 18, 2018

Entry Crown

We decided to tackle the crown moulding trim in the entry. This will be a 3 piece crown build up. The first step was to get a couple of coats of paint on the trim. We'll have to paint it again once it's up due to patching and splicing but this makes the final coats a bit easier and cuts down on the finish time considerably.

The trim we wanted came in 8ft sections so we had to splice a few of them together for the longer runs.

The first piece is up. We used spacer blocks to ensure the proper distance from the ceiling and wall, although one should be careful with this method as no wall or ceiling is perfectly flat. We also beveled the edges of the blocks to account for drywall mud in the corners.

When installing a crown build the corners need special attention. It's handy to have a model of the middle section glued up so you can line up the intersections with the top and bottom pieces.

On the nook area we had to strike some compromise between having the moulding level with the cabinet or with the ceiling.

having the moulding "flush" with the ceiling and wall really brings out the fact that the walls and ceiling are wavy from the drywall joint process.

After some patching, caulking, and touch up paint we're done.