Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Long Weekend Too Short

We took some vacation time this Thursday/ Friday to make a long weekend. We used the time to make progress on all the little projects around the house.

Typical view out the back door.

The crown moulding in the living / kitchen area is up. Patching and polishing have started.

New hallway painted and trim installed. Worked out some minor electrical issues.

Guest bathroom vanity ready to be installed.

 Added more trim in the foyer. Hung another old warped door.

Installed the kitchen and laundry faucet, drains, and dishwasher.

 Can lighting in the kitchen is installed.

Getting the jamb prepped for the master bedroom door.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Kitchen Floor

It's difficult to feel like you are making progress when you work on the smaller parts of a project. We spent some time fabricating this piece of baseboard moulding so it will wrap around a low heat vent on the wall.

For a larger project we tackled installing the kitchen flooring. After one failed attempt at picking a floor (bought it and returned it) we decided on this:

Millstead Handscraped Hickory Chestnut 1/2 in. Thick x 5 in. Wide x Random Length Engineered Hardwood Flooring (31 sq. ft. / case)

The distressed look helps hide any dents or scratches in the floor, which should work out well with abuse from two boys and a dog.

The product went down easy with 1-1/4"  18 gauge 1/4" crown flooring staples.

Alas, we could not finish the project as we ran out of underlayment. We will probably wrap up this project during the week when we get some more.

I'm always amazed at a child's ability to sleep through nailing, compressors running, and other loud noises.