Sunday, March 24, 2013

Roof & Porch Progress

The roof on the existing house is moving along.

The lines on the house are already looking cleaner. It will take a little summer heat to get the shingles flattened a bit more and sealed up. We had the chimney taken down to just under the roof line. The chimney gave the house a little more character from the outside but it was a non functional chimney and keeping it would just create another possible leak point in the roof system.

The decking was installed on the back porch and the header for the porch roof was started.

Eventually we'll put columns in to support the back porch.


  1. It was smart decision about the chimney. Though I can imagine how hard it is to let go of a feature you know has brought so much character into your house. Was it really a farfetched attempt to restore its function? Anyway, you can focus on your porch for your design statement. ;]

    1. Hello Kip. Thanks for checking it out. Decisions..decisions..

      Fortunately we felt this particular decision was easy due to the chimney's position in the rooms as it makes it's way down through the house. On the second floor it is in a closet and on the first floor it ends up in the corner of a small room. Our thought was that neither of these locations would make it worth a restoration effort. It would probably be just as much work, if not easier, to build a new system onto the side of the new addition where it's less likely to cause a roof leak and could be part of the main living area.

      Thanks again for reading!

  2. I can already see the whole new look of the house. Anyway, since you removed the chimney, how are you going to improve ventilation in your house to make it a comfortable place to live? There is an alternative way to do so by strengthening the insulation of your roofing system, since you don't have a chimney anymore. This gives you an advantage to control or equalize the temperature in your house during any extreme weather. -Professional Roofing Contractors

  3. I'm glad to know no one protested about taking down the chimney. I remember my mom got a little dramatic when we had to make the same decision. But completely acted otherwise when the new roof was finished. XD We were all just relieved that she wasn't dogged with her protest. As you said it, non-functional chimneys can be a possible cause of leaks. How are the shingles sealing now?

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