Thursday, November 14, 2013

Boogers & Balusters

The old second story railing that guards the stair pit was ripped out. We are putting in a barricade that meets code. The newel post was set in place with a huge double sided screw and nut system. Balusters were set 4" on center.

The baby was sick the last couple of days so there wasn't much time to devote to this project. The picture is about as far as we got before stopping. We were a bit busy wiping all of the snot goo off the baby's face.

I came across some more sub standard wiring practices while I was rewiring the basement lights.

Our cabinet boxes finally came back from being 'fixed'. We requested that they be properly painted which required the maker to remake all new sides for a few of them.

So we went from this:

 To this:

The weather has certainly started to turn cold.  The older child and I have been getting some tractor rides in before the snow starts flying.