Saturday, October 27, 2012

Propane Planning

Moving the propane tank was an interesting endeavor. We need to move the tank because it's current location will interfere with addition construction, plus it's a big eye sore when you spend time in the back yard.

Researching the relocation costs:

We started by calling our current provider. They wanted $2 a foot for trenching and laying the gas line out to the new location, plus $80 an hour for labor, plus purchase of any fittings and equipment needed, plus a permit fee.  Whew... we figured this would cost us just under $500.  So we called other companies hoping they would be a bit more competitive, we found they were.

We settled with a company that would do the installation at $2 a foot for trenching and laying with no other charges or permits. They stated that since we are simply 'moving' the tank we should be fine without a permit. Also this new company offered an introductory annual fuel rate way less than our current rate.

Planning the location:

There were some restrictions to consider when planning to move the tank. The gas company must have a clear view of the tank from where they will park to refill it. The length of hose the gas company has to stretch from their truck to the tank will affect where you can have it as well. The hose lengths we found from various companies ranged from 60' to 120'.

If the tank is placed where we would like it then it will be far more than 120' from the nearest driveway. Our solution is to build a new driveway to the west of the new location. There will then be a path through the outer hedge row, the wind break, then into the inner hedge row. This should meet all the requirements for visibility and distance.

Preparing the location:

We eventually settled on a location within an inner hedge row on the property. We cleared this area of the saplings, brush, and their stumps.

This position gives us about a 60' run to where the service comes into the house.

The gas hookup to the house is just to the right of the tree.