Sunday, August 3, 2014

Gutter Drain Project II

The great gutter drain project... II

Where were we.. ah yes, we got the pile of rocks we needed for the well.

Next we just dig a hole, line it with fabric, put the rocks in with the flo well, and cover it all up.
Easy right?

It turns out the specs for the amount of run off we have call for a 7 foot deep hole with a 10 foot diameter, there are 14 tons of rocks, about 200 feet of fabric lining, and the dirt is mostly clay.

Time to bring out the big guns, neighbor Larry and his Case 580 to the rescue!

 With Larry's help we were able to get the fabric in along with 3' of rock in a few hours.

The next day I wrapped the dry flo well with fabric, and glued up pipe out to the center of the hole. Then I finished filling the hole with rock up to the flo well top edge. We were able to ditch some of the junk rock we had laying around from construction into the pit.


Another couple of loads then we folded the fabric over the well and packed dirt back into the hole. We extra care to ensure the pipe had packed support from below and all sides.

Also, in other news, for some reason day care sent my son home with an interesting hairdo.

And my Dad came over with his new toy.