Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pillar Topping, Lights & Skeeters

The header beam that the porch pillars support isn't quite as wide as the decorative caps at the top of the pillar. This leave about a 1/2" gap where all sorts of bugglys have decided to explore this summer. It won't be long before some mean spirited bees decide it's a great place to build a cozy home for their queen, ruining our porch time. We decided to get ahead of this problem and seal up the gap.

I decided to use some of the left over siding to make little shims that could fit inside the decorative cap then be caulked shut.

Made some relief cuts on a stack of shims to make cutting the pillar profile curve a lot easier.

Then I just mounted them in the right spot to fit up in the cap.

Here is an example of the inhabitants.

There were plenty of pillars to keep me busy for a couple of days.

The backyard is still quite destroyed.
It's about to get worse as we prep to dig trenches for the gutter drainage system.

 Also put a little time in to finish the under cabinet lighting. Jess is getting ready for canning season. I think we have about 500 jars in storage bins. I wonder if I could convince a friend of mine to fill any unused jars with delicious mead.

The mosquitos were getting quite bad at the beginning of the season so I laid down some treatment.

The wife snapped a picture of me in my mosquito elimination outfit hahaha..  what a dork... but a good misting in the appropriate areas with Nyguard IGR and Bifen I/T along with some BTI bacteria for larvicide will keep the little blood suckers at bay for the next month.