Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Porch S & S

Porch S & S (Sheathing and Shingling) is underway. Below are some before and afters. Most of the windows were also put in. There was an error in our order for the front door and rear double door, we are in the process of correcting the issue.

The back porch is shaping up nice.

 And .... from the other end

 With the completion of the porch, water will now be funneled out of the addition, now maybe things will dry out a bit inside.

 One of the windows that was put in was broken :( 
It's being taken care of :)

Photo from afar..  hmmm... maybe there is a barn renovation project in my future.


  1. Gorgeous! I LOVE that barn!!! I cannot wait to see your house after this lovely reno!!!

  2. Looking fantastic!! That is a lot of house!!

  3. Oh! Why is it that the window got broken? You need to be extra cautious when working with fragile materials like this. This is another additional increase on your budget. Well, we can’t avoid problems like this. Glad this was the only window that got broken.
    @ Maggio Roofing

  4. Your house construction is shaping nicely in this picture and it's quite disappointing to see that a broken window occurred but good to hear that it's well taken care of. Anyway, how's your house now? I hope it's all done now or nearly finishing it. After all of this, you can consider to pursue your plan in having a barn renovation. Wish you luck!

    >Arthur Bryant< @