Saturday, March 16, 2013

Framing, Snow, & Clean Up

We were lucky to have our sister Lauren come visit this week to help with laundry and taking care of the babies. Thanks Lauren! While she was here we thought we would try to get some pictures of the kids. I assure you I personally have very little brand loyalty but one of the pictures ended up with everyone (even the dog) in their John Deere gear.

We had about 2" of snow today. The roof was tied in and buttoned up yesterday in preparation for this weather. I used the tractor to move a couple pallets of left over material into the barn. The eldest son helped me steer the tractor and clear snow out of the drive.

As for the construction, here are some pics of the upstairs framing and how it's tied into the existing structure.

 Rake sofit.

This is where the new roof is hipped into the existing.
We'll eventually cut an access hole between a couple of the old rafters.

Plumb cut eave fascia, sofit area at eave and rake.

Ceiling joists in upper room.

Rake and transition to inside.

The way we are getting material up to the second floor.

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