Friday, May 31, 2013

Drywall In - Column Out

The porch roof is in, all the new columns are in.

All of the drywall is installed, taping has started.

The siding is nearing completion.

Jess and I removed one of the old porch columns. The base had rotted and was infested with bees and other various creatures.

This was the state of the column base before removal. Actually it was a bit worse, this picture was from about a year ago. As we took it out the base crumbled into a mixture of dirt, bees, and other insects.

The column is still in somewhat good condition. I'll construct a new base and apply a sealant and paint to the inside before it's reinstalled.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


The family came up over the weekend and helped clear out the scrap piles that keep popping up around the house. We loaded the items into the tractor and piled them near the dumpster

We all took a little time to stop and smell the flowers.
The lilac bushes are in full bloom around the house.

Jess has been working hard un-wallpapering the stair well.  I had to build her a little scaffolding to walk out over the stairs and get to the ceiling.  I think she enjoyed walking out on "The Platform of Death". There is something about having a little metal pin being the only thing seperating you from a 11 foot fall that gets her heart racing.

We put a temporary light fixture in to illuminate the area. The only spare fixture we had laying around was an outdoor flood lamp.

We still have a lot of plaster patching work in our future. Some of the more severe walls are simply going to get a layer of 1/4" drywall put over them.

Drywall on the main floor is progressing.

The underside of the porch roof was started.

We finished the remote panel wiring this week. Now it's time to start on the finish electrical.

Did a bit of last minute surprise electrical work. Wired in a closet light and switch we had forgotten about previously. Aiden 'helped' by randomly running off with tools and small "baby screws", as he calls them.

Thanks for reading!
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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Spray Foam & Drywall

Releasing a little stress through some expressive play.

The spray foam crew came in and sealed up the external wall cavities.

Here is how the eaves were sealed from the inside. 

 And outside. With the ridge vent, this should maintain good airflow under the roof .


 Above the old walls.

The family has been working hard on removing wall paper from the existing old hallway and stair hallway.


Drywall was delivered by a big crane truck. Another great lawn job, oh well.

The crane got the load of drywall up to the second story and held it at just the right angle to fit through the window hole.

 Drywall is going up this weekend.

New attic access in closet.

Siding continues to wrap it's way around the house.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Pillar Progress & More

The porch pillars are being put in place.  They look a bit overpowering right now in contrast against the darker framing, but once the white siding is up and the porch gets capped off with white aluminum they should blend in a bit more. Hopefully they will providing a more subtle detail in the end.

The bilco door is in, this will be a convenient way to get things downstairs.

Siding work is continuing. The gable vent is in.  The frequency with which birds are flying up into the attic and stealing insulation is decreasing.

We have real basement stairs now.

 Here are a couple of areas where the old construction meets the new.

Cellar door stairs and basement stairs from the basement.

Inside the closet hidy hole.

 Tuckered out after being awake most of the evening.