Monday, September 30, 2013

Some Kitchen Work

The kitchen cabinet doors are starting to arrive. There are various small issues with them that are being worked through but overall they look good.


The process of retrofitting new hinges onto old doors and making custom jambs continues. I fill the existing old hinge holes with a carved down shim and chisel off the exess. This allows me to mount the new hinge without the screws wanting to follow the old holes, which are a different pattern.

Gauge the door to hinge distance.
This ensures the jamb will be flush with the door when it's closed.

Transfer the distance to the jamb, square the hinge.

 Mark the hinge location and hole pattern.

Center punch and predrill screw holes.

Mount the hinge and carve the exact profile in the jamb.

 Route out the bulk of the material with the bit depth set to the hinge thickness.

Chisel out the remaining corners, remount hinges.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Shutters & Old Door Hanging

 I never realized how much shutters (even if they are fake) can dress up a house. Ours were installed over the weekend on all of the windows.

 The old doors from the barn are finally being hung. Some of the doors are only an inch thick, we are using the smaller ones for the closets and pantry. The unusual size and unpredictable shape of the doors are forcing us to do some extensive blocking between the rough frame and jamb. Once the jamb is in place we had to cut and mount custom jamb extensions to cover the gap.

 The top stile on the door below is more trapezoidal than rectangular making for some interesting angles.

The doors are going in now just to get the casing and baseboard trim set. Later we'll add the handle and latch hardware, door stop, and refinish the entire door.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Jambs & Floors

We've been focusing on building jambs for some of the old doors we found in the barn. We won't have all the hardware for them initially but are developing some contingency plans as we go.

Here's the elevated workstation we are using to get the doors to a convenient working height.

The old hinges differ from the new ones requiring some rework to get them recessed and fitting properly.

We picked up some sheet vinyl for the pantry and laundry room, prepped the sub floor, and laid the flooring over the weekend as well.

The Elba Twp. Sunday firehouse pancake breakfast was a good time with the family.