Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Porch Staining Project

This Memorial Day weekend we tackled our porch staining project. The previous weekend we completed all the prep work of cleaning and applying wood brightener. Once the lumber dried out over the week it was ready to receive the stain and paint.

The fascia boards on the stairs and the rest of the porch will be painted white to match the railing and house.

We chose a stain product called "Ready Seal" in the darkest color available, "Dark Walnut". It claims to be "goof proof" and to not result in lap marks as you work the product into the wood. It lived up to the outstanding reviews and applied quite well. We opted to use a brush for the entire project to ensure we got stain into any visible gaps between the boards. If we reapply in a few years we could use a roller (slowly) or pad applicator.

Jessica's master cutting in work kept the stain job nice and neat.

Over the next few days the sheen on the stain soaked in for a more uniform finish.

We will be touching up some fascia board areas near the ground over the next couple of weeks but the majority of the work is complete.

We also found some time to rehang the lights onto the windmill tower. There were many weeks of prep work on this project including running electrical service out to the tower as well as creating and water proofing conduit the lights hang on.