Friday, December 20, 2013

Carpet Installed

Finishing the flooring makes a world of difference in the construction zone. Carpet was installed in the new first floor living room, the stairs, and all of the areas we've been working on upstairs.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Holiday

The holidays were filled with joy this Thanksgiving. Of course, I didn't get to experience much of it since I was sick and in bed the entire Thanksgiving day. After the stomach bug passed I set to work on installing the microwave in the kitchen, foaming and framing the basement, and finishing up odds and ends needed to pass inspection.

The basement handrail was installed.

Interlocking Styrofoam panels were installed behind stud framed walls to meet the energy efficiency requirements.

Jess has been diligently painting any trim that will end up over carpet, best to have this done before the installation.

The disaster of a kitchen is still not finished.

There is no room or time for the usual Christmas decorations. Jess improvised and created a vacuum Christmas tree. The glowing warmth of the green and red bulbs coupled with a few dust bunnies is sure to be a cherished holiday tradition.

The children stared in awe and wonder at the Christmas vacuum, cheering when the extension wand was placed atop and set aglow.