House History

The Elba farm house and associated property have a story all their own.

This page focuses mainly on changes to the buildings and structures on the property throughout the years. For an accounting of the family's history as it relates to the property and surrounding areas see the Family Lineage page.

It's rumored that one of the first structures on the property was an old log cabin which was added onto to form the house. Although during a recent renovation we found no evidence of this. There was also a rumor that a log cabin may have been on the property but in a different location from the current home structure.

In this 1937 picture note the three chimney stacks, one for cooking in the kitchen (leftmost stack) and two for heating the main house. The front of the house featured a low slope decorative front porch. The old placement of a kitchen entrance door can also be seen. In this picture it may appear that there are missing window shutters but they are functional wood shutters that are simply closed on some windows.

We also see a wind mill atop a pump house. This was most likely a functional system for water delivery into the home. 

Elba Farm House, 1937

In a 1957 article titled "Centennial Farm Owners Honored at 4-H Fair" we see that the original 80 acres was purchased for $100.  Approximately 40 acres remain under the family ownership today. The article features a picture of the family with the original historic marker.

In the article photo we note that there is only one chimney stack on the main ridge. Also the kitchen porch was covered and the front porch was removed.

The historic program has since changed the style of their markers. We decided to update our marker collection with the 150 year marker and a new updated 100 year sign.

In July of 2010 we created a holder for the new historic marker and installed it on the property roadside.

Outlying buildings on the farm, July 1961

A small pine was planted near the porch, seen on the left side of the picture below. You can see that it had grown quite large in this post before we had it removed.

Elba Farm House, June, 1965

Bountiful garden and orientation of out buildings on the farm, 1966

In 1990 a new front porch was started, finished in 1991 featuring three large columns. In the image below you can also see that the pine next to the kitchen, on the left, has grown quite tall.

Farm House, June 2007

  The main (and only remaining) barn on the property, June 2007

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