Monday, March 11, 2013

House of Rain!

Compared to the previous week, this was a warm and rainy day. This weather melted any hint of snow left on the ground and expanded the mud bog throughout the yard. The all day rain made it's way into the addition.

I had previously laid out some hay to help the crew and myself keep some traction on the muddy ground around the addition. I know it won't last for long but it seems to have helped considerably for now. 

Here are some pics of my lovely new liquid floor coverings. This low maintenance floor covering creates a tranquil water fall effect as it permeates from above and self renews.

The electrical cords laying in the puddle is a nice touch, I did not go inspect to see if they were live.

For my own sanity I checked the stamping on the OSB. It is stamped as EXPOSURE 1 which means it can withstand a fair amount of this type of abuse. They use water proof resins and seal the edge (not effective on cut edges) when they create this type of OSB. The next grade up is EXTERIOR which would be permanent exposure to the elements. Our OSB should dry out and hold up well.

The crew drilled 1" holes in some strategic spots to let the floor drain. Down to the basement it all goes. Maybe if I stock the new lake in the basement I could have a man cave you can fish in, who has that!

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