Thursday, July 18, 2013

Old Doors Emerge

Our barn is filled with things. My wife and I sometimes differ on the exact terms used to describe these things but often it's either 'treasures' or 'junk' depending on who you talk with.  Besides the 'items' there are messes that only 80 years of animal infestations and decay can create. Our latest adventure into the barn took us to the very back, through the piles of organic and in-organic unknown masses that seem to proliferate the structure. We salvaged a collection of old doors. Not sure of their condition, origin, or intended purpose we gathered them in the driveway and pressure washed them, being careful not to scar the wood. Our hopes are to fabricate jambs for a few of them and put them to use in the addition. It's clear they will take a bit of repair and prep work to deal with loose panels and lead paint.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Old Electrical Phase II

We ripped into the old floor on the second story over the July 4th holiday weekend to remove old electrical and install new wiring. To do this we cleared everything out of a few of the old rooms and moved it into the new parts of the house.

A bedroom was temporarily setup in one of the unfinished rooms.

2nd story hallway floor removed to access 1st story ceiling electrical.

We found the dining room ceiling fixture and pulled new electrical to it.
Going for overkill using 12 gauge on all the new circuits, even lighting.

Tearing up the floor in the 2nd story east bedroom to access the 1st story east bedroom wiring.

Monday, July 1, 2013


We've been working on priming the entire addition, it's taken us nearly two weeks to complete. We've been interrupted with power outages, an ill child, and hot temperatures.

We tried to get some painting done one night but quickly found that the bugs loved our paint color more than we did. They swarmed the room where we had setup a work light and seemed to be drawn to the freshly cut in areas. That will probably be our last attempt at late night painting until the window screens are in.

Here are some other areas we finished priming.


Living Room



Midnight priming session with Jess, woot woot.

We also box bladed the spot where the dumpster and mountains of fill dirt was sitting.