Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Let the Demo Begin

Today we started the major demo work for the addition.The first task was to remove the old kitchen in preparation for a new and level foundation.

The metal roof was peeled up and revealed old cedar shingles.

All the the timber framing and sheathing was thick hardwood, this made for a difficult demo.


Gables were taken out rafter by rafter.

As the asbestos tile siding came off, the old clapboard siding was revealed. We also saw the location of an old door hidden under the wall. This must have been used as a back door when the house was first built.

The walls were cut into manageable strips. With the tractor, we pulled them down and loaded them into the dumpster.

Here is the location of the hidden back door as viewed from the porch.

As the evening arrived things were buttoned up.
A little plastic and OSB over the openings kept the heat in and the dust out.

Stopping for today. Tomorrow we'll dig into the floor and the structure covering the cellar entrance.

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