Thursday, February 14, 2013

Basement Wall Almost Done

The masons almost finished the basement wall today. There was a little rain so they wrapped things up a little early.

This week has been eventful in the decision making area of the addition. We finalized a small change moving the laundry room/kitchen wall to the east by one foot (yes one foot makes a difference).

We also finalized the lower cabinet layout. There were considerations for both south wall windows and how they align with the 2nd story windows.  They will not ALL line up in any configuration so it's something we'll have to live with. We reduced the laundry room from 7.5 feet across to 6.5 feet.  The larger size seemed too massive when that extra foot could be used in the kitchen.

 View walking into kitchen

 View of kitchen from living area.

 Here is today's progress on the basement wall.

The glass block windows are in. They are just vented and will be under the new porch. We chose glass block to deter any critters that venture under the porch from burrowing into the basement.

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