Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Basement Blocks Delivered

With the footer in place and the pea gravel in the pit a delivery of concrete block was brought onsite.

A crane lifted the loads over the garage and down into the pit.

The masons started a tube fire to keep their sand and a barrel of water thawed out.

Some equipment left onsite.

Just another day in the mud arena.

The trusty horse rocks in the front yard. Perhaps one day they can once again find a place of prominence in the front yard.

The result of the backyard being too muddy for the bobcat to maneuver. They had to load the gravel by going around the house. Maybe we'll make a horseshoe drive in front of the house to make the best of this, hmmm?

Northwest energy still hasn't gotten our unused gas credit back to us, so we are still holding onto their tank in the front yard. They decided to sneak in one more 'automatic' charge to our credit card after we closed our account with them. We caught the charge and they refunded it the same day, why does it take 90 days to credit the other funds? Glad we switched providers!

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