Monday, February 25, 2013

Down in a Hole

Extending the crawl space hole took up almost all of the weekend. Thanks to the neighbor and my father in law for helping with the dig.

Two days of crawling around in a tight space, hacking away at clay, shoveling it out of the hole, then shoveling it out of the area for hours on end has taken it's toll on me. Digging progress at the break neck speed of inches an hour was certainly not a motivator.

We tried to avoid widening the existing hole as much as possible. The hole was deepened and extended into the crawl space. Some foundation rocks came loose as we worked in the area so I may put in additional support bracing at some point.

Here are some pictures of the situation in the crawl space. Later in the day I fabricated a cap from some scrap sheet metal to fit over the open heat duct opening.

There was a mysterious brick structure extending under a large portion of the existing house. I'm not sure what the origin of this structure is but the support it provides is certainly welcome.

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