Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Basement Dig

The major kitchen demolition was finished today and the basement was dug.

Once it was cut into sections, the backhoe made short work of the remaining kitchen floor structure.

Wires were pulled back into the existing basement for later use.

The old kitchen crawlspace with stone foundation.

The structure over the old cellar entrance was pulled off with a swing from the backhoe.

The old basement entrance was boarded up along with any exposed wall cavities.

We found this old staircase underneath the kitchen porch.

Digging continued in an area where there was rumored to be an old cistern well.

At about 8 feet down we started hitting water in the cistern well area.

We found the bottom of the cistern well at about 11 feet below grade. This must have been quite a chore to dig back in the day.

Basement digging continued.

Footing placement for the new foundation walls were staked out.

Aiden and Daddy in the hole looking up at how big the house seems. A temporary drain was run out to the septic tank.


  1. WOW!!!! So glad you're blogging about all the work - so cool! I can't believe the kitchen is gone!! :)

  2. kinda weird to see the house sliced away like that