Saturday, May 18, 2013

Spray Foam & Drywall

Releasing a little stress through some expressive play.

The spray foam crew came in and sealed up the external wall cavities.

Here is how the eaves were sealed from the inside. 

 And outside. With the ridge vent, this should maintain good airflow under the roof .


 Above the old walls.

The family has been working hard on removing wall paper from the existing old hallway and stair hallway.


Drywall was delivered by a big crane truck. Another great lawn job, oh well.

The crane got the load of drywall up to the second story and held it at just the right angle to fit through the window hole.

 Drywall is going up this weekend.

New attic access in closet.

Siding continues to wrap it's way around the house.

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