Monday, May 13, 2013

Pillar Progress & More

The porch pillars are being put in place.  They look a bit overpowering right now in contrast against the darker framing, but once the white siding is up and the porch gets capped off with white aluminum they should blend in a bit more. Hopefully they will providing a more subtle detail in the end.

The bilco door is in, this will be a convenient way to get things downstairs.

Siding work is continuing. The gable vent is in.  The frequency with which birds are flying up into the attic and stealing insulation is decreasing.

We have real basement stairs now.

 Here are a couple of areas where the old construction meets the new.

Cellar door stairs and basement stairs from the basement.

Inside the closet hidy hole.

 Tuckered out after being awake most of the evening.

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