Friday, May 10, 2013

Basement Pour & Siding

The past few weeks have been spent getting inspections done on the house and putting some of the final touches on the low voltage wiring. This week the basement was poured and siding was started.

Basement floor forms. A funky landing was needed to bridge the old and new basement.

The finished landing.

Basement crock area before the pour.

Back wall before pour. 

Crock area and back wall after the pour.

New lawn job from the cement trucks.

We made a temporary compromise on the siding and some of the electrical. We took off the the aerial lines going from the house out to the lights on the old windmill. The ceramic standoffs would have been a bit unsightly against the new siding job. Eventually we'll trench out to the windmill tower and restore power for the yard lights.

West wall siding started.

West wall siding nearly complete.

The main addition doors were put in.

Back double door.

Main entryway door.

On top of all this, our family has been prepping for the summer season. Warmer days mean the grass needs mowing, plants need trimming, gardens need tilling, and a whole host of other tasks need attention.

I used the box blade to smooth out a neighbor's road where water run off had cut gullies through the middle.

We also got our PTO tiller functional. Half the drive-line shaft was missing so I built a new one to integrate with the existing slip clutch.


  1. This house is near the finish. Seeing the siding partly installed, I can almost imagine that you’re house is going to look awesome. I totally love the design of your house, particularly the spacious deck. I can’t wait to see it finished. Congrats on this big progress. I’ll be looking forward to seeing more! :) ->Isaac Andre

  2. You’re almost done with this project in this post. Smart choice on the color of the siding! It matches with the entire elements of the house. It certainly is going to be a big beautiful house; I am certain with that. I’m positive you can’t wait to see it fully finished! @ Royal Roofing & Siding, Inc.