Monday, January 7, 2013

New Septic

Today the septic field was started. To give you an idea of what the area looked like before work was started check out the last pic in the yard clearing post here: Backyard Clearing

They brought in a dozer to carve out a side of a hill and get a flat surface below the topsoil.

With the hill carved out and the area flattened some more soil was brought in.

After talking with the excavator we realized we would need to move up the appointment to have the new propane tank brought in. The current tank may be in the way of the septic tank placement.

Markers to set the field boundaries and berm height. Hopefully we can save some of the perimeter trees.

Day 2 of the septic site prep. The sand was spread out within the berm and more was delivered.

Day 3 they brought in a heck of a lot more material, the tank, and started laying the drainage system. Among the materials brought in was the washed stone to surround the drain tiles.

Here is the placement of the rectangular concrete septic tank.

The drain field effluent distribution piping was installed.

Decided to throw in a pic of the tractor since it's been quite a work horse taking care of small peripheral tasks we've needed to do during the septic installation.

Here is how the baffles are done inside the septic tank. This allows only the desired layer of effluent to pass while retaining scum and sludge.

On the final day they trenched, laid stone and pipe, and left us a nice mogul field.  The drain field may stay like this until it can be properly graded in the summer, or similar weather.

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