Saturday, November 17, 2012

Backyard Clearing

Since the addition is almost entirely in the back of the house we needed to clear out a few obstacles from the construction zone.

A tall pine in the backyard had to come out. We always disliked having that pine close to the house, it was a never ending source of needles that would always make their way inside. You can see a couple of dish poles and a propane tank that need relocation in this picture.

 We had a tree company carefully block the pine down for $400, we opted to do our own cleanup to save on costs.

 There were a couple of clothes line poles in the way of the new septic field location, those had to come out as well, dug out and pulled by hand. The grassy expanse between the hill on the left and the tree on the right is the future site of the new septic drain field.

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