Monday, January 14, 2013

More Kitchen Tear Off Prep

What a busy weekend.  

With some help from our neighbors we relocated our washer and dryer to the basement. Everything is hooked up and ready to go. We aren't quite sure yet how the floor drain will respond to the volume of water the washer will discharge.

We soldered new hookups and shutoff valves to the existing hot and cold lines.

Here is a picture of the temporary dryer setup.

You can see the beginning of our massive stockpile of storage bins in the background. We have dubbed this area, "Bin City".  It seems that we have been living out of storage bins for the last 5 or so years.

More bins...
 and more bins..

 We also capped off the water supply to the old kitchen and terminated some electrical circuits. We are nearly ready to pull the old kitchen off.

Due to the colder weather we are delaying the kitchen and cellar structure demolition.  Once we pull the kitchen off we would like to start digging the basement and pour the footings all in the matter of a couple of days. Without warmer weather for the concrete to cure properly we would simply be left with a big pit. So, for now, we are going to put things on hold until we see a warming trend with lows a bit above 25.

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