Friday, January 11, 2013

Kitchen History Reveal

Out of curiosity we spent a little more time tearing through some of the historic wall layers in the kitchen. We may need to tear out some of the flooring a little later to cap off some utilities.

We ripped out wall coverings in the area where the sink was. We found that the current horizontal window used to be a vertical window slightly to the left of the current location.  The dark wide boards were used to fill in the lower window area. If you look closely you can see the unpainted mark left by the window dressing holder / curtain rod retainer in the upper left corner of the old window frame.

A patched area on an opposing wall revealed another change to the kitchen.

We think the interruption in the wainscoting under this window was once the location of the kitchen door. There are some photos on the House History page to support this finding.

As we pulled back more of the wall covering and got down to the plaster we discovered an entire wall with wainscoting.

The black floor accent on the bottom of the wainscoting is actually just a painted black band. We tried to rip off the wainscoting to see if some could be saved. We had little luck getting each board off in one piece as they were mounted with heavy nails in the tongue as well as from the top chair rail.

As we explored we found some of the wall was filled in with old wainscoting scraps. Some of scraps had an interesting yellow color to them. A little unnerving considering yellow paint was among one of the colors most likely to contain lead.

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