Thursday, October 13, 2016

Refinishing the Doors

During our renovation we decided to use some doors that we found in the barn. We washed, stripped, and even rebuilt some of them. They were mostly usable but certainly in need of a coat of paint. Until now we hadn't got around to pulling them back off and giving them a final treatment. We started with a door on one of the bedroom closets.

Door ready for priming in the basement paint booth.

 Two part epoxy was used to fill in unused holes.

Getting that first coat of primer on the door always accentuates multiple minor blemishes missed turning the first round of patching. Now is the time to correct them and sand everything flush again.

Well we just got word that the company we were looking at to handle some of our bathroom remodel has an opening in their schedule so I'll be shifting gears to the bathroom remodel and come back to the doors another time. I'll post back here with more details on the doors later.

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