Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Bathroom Remodel: Phase III - Construction Begins

Light and fan electrical going in.

 The vent line from the addition, new vents will tie into this running to the outside back porch.

First of two sheets of drywall needed to bring the wall flush with the door frame.

 A little framing for the old basement door.

The neo angle shower is framed in covered with cement board and dry walled.

Here are the shower niches.

Plumbing almost set in the vanity area.

HVAC Location moved and tied into the furnace.

New switch location.

Roughed and drywall cut for the vent fan / light combo in the shower.

The toilet area. It's about 7 more inches than what we had before but still not the 36" we were planning for.

 We opted to pull out the vent above the shower entrance and just use another light fan combo over the toilet.

Looking into the bathroom from outside the entry door.

Revamping the basement drains.

Re-plumbing the supply lines for the house.

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