Thursday, July 18, 2013

Old Doors Emerge

Our barn is filled with things. My wife and I sometimes differ on the exact terms used to describe these things but often it's either 'treasures' or 'junk' depending on who you talk with.  Besides the 'items' there are messes that only 80 years of animal infestations and decay can create. Our latest adventure into the barn took us to the very back, through the piles of organic and in-organic unknown masses that seem to proliferate the structure. We salvaged a collection of old doors. Not sure of their condition, origin, or intended purpose we gathered them in the driveway and pressure washed them, being careful not to scar the wood. Our hopes are to fabricate jambs for a few of them and put them to use in the addition. It's clear they will take a bit of repair and prep work to deal with loose panels and lead paint.


  1. Well at least it was Hot enough to play with the hose! Several people here at Kramer have kept the old interior doors, stripped them and refinished them. This Co-op was built in 1942 as temporary housing for factory workers. The materials used were not top of the line, but still better than today's "builder grade".

  2. That's a lot of doors. How I wish I met you before when my house is still under renovation. My front door has been badly damage and needed to be replaced. Anyhow, how do you plan to use all these doors? Just a little curious. Francisco @