Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Electric Spaghetti

Much of our time over the past few days has been spent sorting out the spaghetti of electric cables running through the house. New wires needed to be rerouted due to old ones being cut. Old fraying cloth cover cable needed to be replaced.

The attic has been my little hangout area. I've spent hours here pulling cable, undoing connections, redoing connections, and bringing items up to code where possible.

An old 220 supplied fuse box was on the far wall, most of the circuits running to this box needed to come out and be rerouted.

New service to the attic and east bedroom was pulled in from the basement.

Installed a new tamper resistant outlet in the hall. This will be a good spot for a night light.
Multiple lines run under the hallway upstairs, the old stuff will need to come out.

The old bathroom wall outline can be seen on the floor. That vent stack was in the old bathroom. Wires ran through this wall and supplied most of the power to the upper rooms. 

This old hall light junction will need to be moved to a new location over the stairs.

My next adventure is to get to somehow get a four way switch at the top of the stairs with two three way switches on each end of the hall lighting circuit.

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