Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Breaking Through

Hope you all had a happy Easter.

Today the entries into the existing house were framed. Our plastic barriers worked well keeping all the dust and paint chips from flying into our confined living area. Closets near the front entrance were framed as well.

The electrical has been interesting, it weaves it's way into parts of the house we are not yet demo'ing. We are having to string circuits up temporarily and will need to reroute a few others to keep the house functional.

The dining room lighting control was freed from the wall.

It was pulled back to the other side of the wall along with a few other branches of the circuit.
The gang was just pinned up to the left of the ladder for now.

I'm not sure how many NEC violations these next couple of pictures represent.

Running low on junction boxes? No problem, use the ol' ball o tape trick.

What's that ya say? Ran out of box cover plates too?
No problem, fill the box in with plaster, it's non-conductive... at least once it dries.

Bedroom closet and entry closet framed.

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