Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Bathroom Remodel: Phase VI - Moving on & Making Progress

We are going to try to make the best of the issues. We'll cover up what we can with floor mats and scrape and grind things into looking decent. We'll re-hang the lighting fixture and see what we can do to secure and straighten out some of the finish work in the bathroom....

Deep breath....  moving on....

This past weekend I installed all of the crown moulding. We just need a final paint cut in and to brush out some of the brad nailing patches.

 Baseboard moulding is progressing around the perimeter, we can't finalize some cuts until the cabinets are in.

 Baseboard around the toilet is done.

We installed the shower head. Its a combination rain head and handheld unit.

We picked up our quartz counter top from Menards. I must say, I'm quite impressed with the quality, the look, and all the extras the counter top came with. They provided black silicone caulk as well as some special tooling spray, a device to tool the caulk, and a pack of shims.

The faucet was mounted onto the counter top and the whole assembly was mounted onto the shimmed and leveled vanity base.  The wall was not level so it doesn't sit flush but that's no surprise considering all of the issues in this bathroom.

It turns out that the contractor didn't follow our plan and somehow placed the HVAC vent such that it partially ended up behind the planned taller cabinet. So we had to move it. This took about a day of work

We had to cut a new hole about 8 inches over and an inch higher than the old one. We cut a filler piece and glued support backing on the inside of the wall. This allowed us to use a minimum amount of patching compound. We chose to use a plaster based patching compound to avoid cracking.

All patched and primed, ready for a couple final coats of paint.

This is the back side of the new HVAC location. We had to balance the duct clearance with reinforcing the stud that needed to be cut. Also, none of the wiring was supported with staples so we added some.

We ordered cabinets for the laundry room when we placed out bath cabinet order.
The projects never end.

Jess has been nice enough to let the dining room become a tool and project storage area for the time being. It's probably time to think about cleaning up since the holidays are just a couple weeks away.

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