Thursday, May 8, 2014

Kitchen Backsplash

The kitchen back splash is nearing completion. We chose a glass tile by stone and pewter accents . The style we went with was their Sumi-e 1 X 2" brick layout in Ohara Silk with Oyster Gray grout.


After mortar work, no grout yet.

After the grout work, still need to clean and seal the tile.

Hmmm...  I may need to switch out some of the outlets and or face plates to match up with this new look.

We reinstalled the sink drain with a new garbage disposal. We are excited about not having to empty a food catch basket a few times a day. 

 We are happy to have the dishwasher back in operation.

After cleaning and sealing:

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the back splash against the white cabinets and the dark counter tops! :)