Sunday, August 11, 2013

Window Finish Carpentry

We did the finish carpentry for the 14 new windows. I custom built jamb extensions, made my own stools, added an apron and casing.

To start, I make window stools with scribed horns cut out. A bull nose is routed into the front of the stool. Blocking material is placed on the rough framing to support the stool.

Insulation is shoved into any void.

The stool is placed with adhesive, shimmed level, and tacked down on the sides where the extension jamb will cover any holes.

Extension jambs are ripped down to fit, shimmed, and nailed. Insulation is added to the voids on the sides.

 Casings are mitered and installed along with an apron on under the stool.

A small return piece is added to the apron side.

I still need to put a cove moulding up under the stool. I didn't have the material on hand this weekend. After the cove is in place the windows will be ready for putty and paint.


  1. “...finish carpentry for the 14 new windows.” - This is a good progress. House construction is a tough job, and having this kind of progress is really a relief. Anyhow, I know you have lots of work to do. I hope it will be done soon, for you to enjoy the fruit of your long wait and hard work. Good luck! Allyson Ripple @

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