Monday, June 17, 2013

3 Inches

Over the weekend we made some exciting progress. Sanding on the first floor was finished and we spent a lot of time cleaning up joint compound dust. After a thorough cleaning we were able to remove a major plastic barricade. The barricade separated the old dining room from the addition. Some before pics were posted a while ago.

View from the dining room.

View from the addition.

The space freed up by removing the plastic wall allowed us to move the dining room table over; this created about 3 inches of extra aisle space in our pseudo kitchen. Having that extra space feels incredible after squeezing our way around the room for months.

A celebratory toast was in order!
Chocolate wine served chilled in red solo flutes with hors d'oeuvre (Combos) and pizza.

 Aiden was excited to have a new area to explore.

He was a little too bold, knocking down our attempt at blocking off the stairs.
We immediately set to work on getting the baby gate installed.

The first set of furniture for the new living room was brought in, patio items from the porch.
In the evening we also brought in the stove and wired it up.

Priming is next, this promises to be a busy week for us.

I've also been slowly plugin away at patching the old plaster in the stair well.

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